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Presently preparatory works and negotiations are led or contracts are concluded
to the following projects:

• in Russia
• in Ukraine
• in Kasachstan
• in Usbekistan
• in Moldawia

• 10 YEARS ALFA Contracting
10 Years

In 2011 we celebrated
our 10th year
ALFA Contracting GmbH.

We celebrated with our Partners
in Freyburg.

• 5 years ALFA Contracting

AC Wine & ChampainIt has been 5 years now that ALFA Contracting was
founded and we can proudly look back to all our archivements and good customer and partner relations.

We celebrated our 5 years jubilee on friday the 20th of October with company friends and customers at the Kempinski Hotel "Rotes Ross".  Diner, a musical surprice
and an exclusive Alfa Contracting wine from our region was served.
On the next day we and our guests undertook a town walk with guidance through Halle and afterwards an excursion to the castle "Falkenstein" and to the castle "Quedlinburg".
We thank all our guests for thier visit and the presents.

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